Top Tips to Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are wingless, blood-sucking insects that satisfy on dog, cats, humans and other species. One female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day.

Flea Problems:

One flea can quickly multiply to infect your house, and your life. Flea bites commonly cause skin irritation and itching. Fleas can infect your pet with tapeworms. Flea bites on your pet can cause allergic dermatitis which can rule to hair loss and further skin complications including infections etc. Flea Prevention Tips:

Avoid an bothersome and frustrating infestation of fleas and take preventative measures first. At the beginning of flea season is the best time for preventive measures to be taken.

1. Apply a treatment to all your outside areas.

2. Each year replace all your pets bedding.

3. Throughout the year regularly clean out your pets sleeping area in the house. The bedding should be boil washed.

4. Steam clean carpets.

5. Throughout the year keep your carpets regularly vacuumed.

6. Put flea collars on your pets. If you dont want to use flea collars there are a number of topical applications that can be used.

10 ways to get rid of a Flea Infestation:

Fleas must be dealt with closest when found in your house or on your animal. A serious infestation can arise within a short period of time if left untreated. The objective of treatment is to break the flea life cycle by treating the outside ecosystem, the home and your pets.

1. You need to treat all outdoor areas where your pets may roam.

2. Remove and replace all pet bedding as this is where the majority of eggs will be.

3. If not replacing bedding be sure to boil wash it all.

4. Steam clean carpets to kill all life stages except for the eggs.

5. Look into chemical treatments for the home if a harsh infestation – talk to your vet and research the options.

6. Regularly vacuum carpets – throw out the bag closest.

7. If your pet travels in your car dont forget to treat this area also.

8. Flea comb – time consuming but effective at removing adult fleas.

9. Shampoos, dips and medications for your animal are obtainable to buy.

10. Do your research into different methods and treatments.

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