Types of Psychic Abilities – What Are They and Do I Have Them Too?


There are many different types of psychic abilities that are hardwired into our central nervous system, each one has the ability to create different sensations and elicit uncommon talents. One of the biggest enemies, in my opinion anyway, of the evolution in awareness and acceptance of intuitive skills is the different way we categorize and itemize these gifts.

To the uninitiated, or the skeptics amongst us, throwing around esoteric terminology and strange sounding labels just reinforces the sense that all of these inherent, albeit latent skills are just a bunch of hokus pocus! Language like – astral travel, telekinesis, channeling and the like just bring about negative associations and lots of eye rolling when you mention them in polite company. however, behind closed doors, many people report these very same experiences, maybe categorized a little bit differently, but the very same occurrences just the same! Let’s take a closer look at a few of the shared descriptors used:

1) Clairvoyance:

This typically refers to visual manifestations of things not in your current field of view. It is derived from the French “clear seeing” and it one of the more popularized and commercialized types of psychic occurrences. But – did you know that the US government studied clairvoyant skills in soldiers for many years as a possible form of spying “at a distance?” Yup – it was ( and nevertheless is ) called far away viewing, and was thought highly of enough that the CIA conducted a decade long experiment referred to as Operation Stargate, from which emanated what most impartial observers believe is empirical evidence that this is no parlor room trick! Some of the things “seen” in these experiments, actual and verifiable descriptions of scenes many thousands of miles away will change your paradigm completely if you take a look. Fascinating stuff!

2) Clairaudience:

This refers to the actual hearing of sounds that aren’t freely obtainable to less sensitive people. It includes sounds heard both in the exterior, objective vicinity (i.e. – a clear voice coming our “normal” external reality) in addition as sounds heard in a sensitives own mind’s eye (a clear, but decidedly interior experience). Many people report clairaudience in times of great stress or peril; we have all heard the stories of near death experiences in which the subject hears a definite inner voice guiding them out of a difficult or traumatic situation. One of the dilemmas associated with clairaudience is that many mentally ill people report very similar occurrences, oftentimes making it difficult for the genuine study of its occurrence – is it a real experience or a momentary hallucination?

3) Clairsentience:

This is probably the most shared of all the well known psychic occurrences, most commonly thought of as an inner certainty, or “clear knowing”. Many people report having had an experience where something just pops into their awareness as a simple matter of truth, and acceptance. It could be the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or already a foreboding of an event that is upcoming. This is intuition magnified, and can manifest in any number of subtle ways! We all have experienced this sense of knowing, some of us believe it is an opening into another level or awareness and being, others believe it is just a simple gut feeling..:-)

It’s up to you to decide what you believe – but I believe you, like me, are indeed psychic! And unlocking that ability leads to a wild and wooly world of surprise and excitement!

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