UC San Diego students, staff protest over low wages

UC San Diego students, staff protest over low wages


LA JOLLA, Calif. — Hundreds of University of California San Diego students and employees Tuesday shut down a major intersection near the campus to protest low wages and call for policy changes.

SkyFOX captured the rally around 4:30 p.m. along La Jolla Village excursion near Interstate 5 that caused major traffic congestion. Police were reported to be on scene escorting protestors onto the sidewalk, but there’s no information in addition on if anyone was arrested.

Members of University of California’s student-workers union, known as United For A Fair Workplace, organized the displays across multiple campuses across the state.

“This action will demonstrate the extreme discontent felt across a workforce of 48,000 academic workers who are currently bargaining with the University and demanding union contracts that guarantee a fair workplace,” the union group stated in a press release Tuesday.

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According to the UAW Academic Workers, UC administrators have “attempted to claw back important rights and benefits – and have been intransigent on important equity measures, including sustain for fair housing, paid family leave and decent compensation” in recent bargaining sessions.

UC schools say officials are currently in contract negotiations with the union, and disagree with their comments about “take-aways and UC being intransigent.”

“We highly value the role all these employees play in supporting our students and our faculty, and UC’s mission. Our overarching goal with each of these negotiations is a multi-year agreement that recognizes these employees many important contributions to the UC community with fair pay, quality health and family-friendly benefits, and a supportive and respectful work ecosystem,” UC spokesperson Erika Cervantes stated.

Street lanes were later reopened on La Jolla Village excursion after the rally was ended by police.

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