UK Water Efficiency Product Awards

Water is a finite resource that needs protection. For too long, we’ve been able to turn on the tap and have a abundant supply of water, but water shortages are becoming ever more extensive. Across the world companies are being promoted to think differently about water. We all need to start thinking of it as a precious commodity.

Waterwise in a national organisation that is actively supporting and promoting water efficiency good practice. Every year they great number the UK Water Efficiency Product Awards in a bid to highlight products, technology and approaches which are advantageous to the economy, society and the ecosystem.

Promoting water efficiency products and practices is one way of encouraging businesses and consumers to get on-board. From low flow nozzles on taps and rainwater harvesting, to water audits and flow monitoring, a few small changes have had a big impact when it comes to reducing water use.

An increasing number of businesses are embracing water efficiency and reaping the rewards. According to WRAP, savings of at the minimum 20% can be made on water bills by the majority of organisations who implement water saving measures. These include installing devices such as an ultrasonic flow meter to monitor water flow in processes, liquid level monitors to control water levels and other method of optimising water use.

Howard Nursery

In last year’s Waterwise Ceremony, the winner of the ecosystem Agency Chairman’s Award was Howard Nursery. This large extent wholesale perennial specialist in Suffolk has invested in a number of environmental measures including solar powered electricity generation and peat free planting. They were awarded for the creation of a reservoir and water management system which allows them to function self-sufficiently.

Howard Nursery grows around 2 million propagated plants per year. The cost savings that are made from not relying on mains water are extensive and help the company to keep competitive in the supply of plants to independent retailers, garden designers and garden centres. In addition to cost savings, the company is enhancing the local ecosystem with a reservoir complete of fish, reeds and other plants.

Bourne Leisure

Bourne Leisure was the winner in the Business and Industry category. The company owns Butlins, Haven and Warner Resort brands and prides itself on offering enjoyable, safe, obtain and alluring family holidays. When it was time for an upgrade of the accommodation and facilities at their national resorts, the company decided to put water efficiency measures at the heart of their plans.

In total £94 million was spent on the Bourne Leisure revamp, in addition cost savings can be made on a daily basis without any compromise to the quality of facilities. Investment in water efficiency measures will start to pay for themselves over the coming years.

In addition to their green credentials, Bourne Leisure has been ranked as the Best Big Company to Work For yearly for the past 7 years. Could there be any connection between the two? If you are a company that cares about the ecosystem, are you more likely to care about your employees?

Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Recent surveys have revealed that the millennial generation are keen to work for ethical companies. They want their work to contribute towards socially responsible practices that make a positive impact. They are attracted to companies and organisations that have encased sustainable practices and promote opportunities to take part in activities such as volunteering as part of their programme of corporate social responsibility.

This may not seem important at this point in time, but by 2025 three quarters of the workforce will be millennials. Embedding sustainable practices such as water efficiency into the workplace can already rule to important savings in water bills, but if it can also aid staff recruitment and retention, it’s another persuasive argument.

Recognition For Action

Cost savings may be a just reward for your investment. An ethical reputation that encourages staff recruitment and retention, in addition as new customers could be further benefits. The icing on the top could be public recognition and an award.

If your company has been actively taking inventive steps towards minimising water use, you may nevertheless have time to go into. The closing date for entries for the 2017 Awards is on 13th January. You can find further details and product categories on the Waterwise website.

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