Unchainet – Heterogeneous Platform for DApp Development

Unchainet – Heterogeneous Platform for DApp Development

Internet cloud sets as an industry is expected to surpass $500 Billion in 2020 and is now ready for large extent disruption. There are millions of computers that are under-utilized with no infrastructure that can sustain access to this computational strength., Unchainet is building a transparent, decentralized in addition as cost-effective heterogeneous obtain cloud platform, which would introduce a new era of cloud cost optimization powered by blockchain technology. The inner technology (Kubernetes, Dockers) allows consumers with containerized applications to switch easily from other platforms with minimal cost and effort. Unchainet will provide multiple sets such as a decentralized blockchain platform enabling modular decentralized applications (dApps).

UNCHAINET’s team has many years of applicable industry experience giving them the knowledge to build the infrastructure and the partnerships for fast deployment. employing existing familiar infrastructure method that current cloud users will not need to learn new technology to utilize the Unchainet network. The inner blockchain technology adds a missing inner of security that is lacking in current cloud platform offerings. With big data as the gold of the twenty-first century, protecting your data from data miners is paramount and a chief function of the Unchainet platform. Unchainet’s cloud console MVP was launched in Q2 2018 and the team is moving quickly towards mainnet deployment.

The dApp ecosystem of the platform will convey new opportunities for the coming generation of decentralized apps. Why would a developer consider building their application on the Unchainet PaaS/IaaS platform? The inner blockchain technology is utilized to offer a heterogeneous network of server grade computing resources. The Quality of Service (QoS) chain monitors the network nodes to grade the quality of service allowing a choice for developers and clients. This choice allows workloads to run on the quality of service required and doesn’t force developers and clients to only one level of service for all. This choice differs from existing homogeneous cloud platforms and allows for up to a 90% reduction in cost over current IaaS/PaaS platforms.,

The UNET chain provides efficiency, transparency and security between providers and clients for rapid peer-to-peer contracts. Existing blockchain transaction speeds are too slow for efficient transaction processing. The UNET chain is expected to offer 10,000 transactions per second to start and grow in speed and efficiency with high quality nodes. This will allow computing resources to be traded by using UNET tokens quickly and efficiently. As the need for resources on the Unchainet platform increase there will be a direct correlation on the need for UNET tokens impacting the UNET value.

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