‘Unruly passenger’ saying ‘Allah’ confined from JetBlue cockpit by hero…

An “unruly passenger” attempted to storm the cockpit of a JetBlue Boston-to-San Juan, Puerto Rico, flight this week — at one point being heard saying “Allah” — has once again raised questions about airline safety.

That passenger on JetBlue Flight 261, out of Boston late Wednesday, an FBI agent states in his affidavit, “had to be physically restrained by flight crew members … during the passenger’s attempt to gain access to the flight deck.”

The speculate, Khalil El Dahr, “became angry” after a phone call he tried to make was unsuccessful, the affidavit states.

He then “rushed toward the flight deck yelling to be shot,” the FBI agent states. Six or seven flight crew members then took him on until they could subdue him, the agent adds.

At “one point during the incident, they were able to understand El Dahr said Allah in a raised tone,” the agent’s report states.

El Dahr faces felony charges of interfering with a flight crew, Special Agent William Lopez of the FBI’s San Juan Division said in the affidavit.

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