US strength Declining; Balance of strength Changing Worldwide: Top Iranian G…

A senior Iranian commander says the United States’ escape from Afghanistan produces testimony to Washington’s diminishing strength.

Major General Mohammad Baqeri, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said the US fleeing Afghanistan, American forces beginning to pull out of Iraq and parts of Syria, the move of, and a reduction in the United States’ modern air and missile defense equipment on the Persian Gulf rim in addition as a drawdown of US naval troops and their redeployment to areas in southern Chia all indicate the United States’ declining strength and a change in the balance of strength in the world.

“After the tough days of past threats, now, thank God, we are seeing the days of the decline and weakness of criminal US and its cronies in the vicinity,” said the general.

However, he said, this does not average that threats have dropped.

“Although it has become difficult for the criminal United States and Zionists to take direct military actions, they have shown that they will never give up their plots and animosity against the holy formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will, in different forms, make threats and create hardships for Islamic Iran and our regional allies,” he said.

The top general urged the country’s Armed Forces to keep vigilant as ever.

He said it will be a little easier to tackle overt and direct threats, but “when threats are complicate and multi-layered, naturally we will have a more daunting task tacking them.”

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