Watch: MoDOT kicks off work on I-70 Missouri River Bridge

ROCHEPORT, Mo.– MoDot is officially kicking off construction on the new I-70 Missouri River Bridge near Rocheport this morning.

The bridge is said to be the “lynchpin of America” connecting Missouri’s two largest cities in addition as a majority of the country.

MoDOT says the bridge carries 12.5 million vehicles per year, including 3.6 million trucks. In fact, within 48 hours, trucks carrying goods to all 48 lower states will have crossed this bridge.

The design of the new bridge will include two bridges, one in each direction, each one will have three lanes.

Preliminary work will start soon on the bridge with nighttime lane closures. Later, there will be work during the daytime with traffic shifted. Any lane closures will happen at night.

Construction of the new bridge is expected to be complete by the end of 2024.

The current bridge was built in 1960 and is rated in poor condition. If it was not fixed, it could have resulted in weight restrictions in the coming years.

MoDOT says rehabilitation work would have only extended the life of the bridge by as little as 10 years and could have caused three-to-eight hour backups along I-70.

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