Web Hosting Options a Webmaster Has

Web Hosting Options a Webmaster Has


If you are thinking of using web hosting for your website, you will find that there are quite a few options open to you. It is based on the features of different hosts, and what you want to accomplish on your site that you will be able to choose your great number. Here is a fleeting description of the various types of web hosting companies obtainable in the market.

The free hosting sets are basically the cheapest option obtainable. It is because these web hosting sets sustain ads on its websites that it can provide to provide so low rates. However in some situations, it is this characterize of the great number that proves to be its drawback.

additionally, these hosts have limited features. And don’t sustain MySQL, PHP and multiple email accounts. So the best people to use these web hosting sets are those just starting out on the internet, run a small site and expect minimal traffic. You will generally receive a sub domain or a directory as a domain name with this web great number.

Most accepted option for hosting websites

Of the lot, shared hosting proves to be the most accepted option today. As the name implies, more than one site is hosted on the same server here. The additional advantage is that you are granted system administration rights here. This is the right choice for the webmasters who don’t want the burden of handling the running of a server.

While hosting plans for different hosts may differ, most of them offer features like sustain for PHP, ASP and MySQL, additional bandwidth and the use of multiple email addresses. This option is slightly more expensive than free web hosting but cheaper than the next options.

Web great number with maximum features

The next option you have is dedicated or devoted hosting which is the best option for those looking for more storage and bandwidth along with features not obtainable with free and shared hosts. With this great number, you are not limited to use of a certain number of databases and email addresses and are given a large bandwidth when compared to other web hosts. You can expect about 500 to 1000GB monthly bandwidth with this dedicated server plan.

In case of an unmanaged dedicated web great number, you are the server administrator of your website wherein you have a lot of control and flexibility over your site. However this hosting option is not only on the expensive side, but also is not an option meant for everyone as not many people know how to manager the responsibilities of a server administrator.

So now that you know your hosting options obtainable, it is up to you to decide and choose the best option for yourself based on the purpose of your website and your own capabilities. Of course, budget too could be another factor to be taken into consideration while choosing the best great number for your site.

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