What Are Commercial similarities?

What Are Commercial similarities?

What defines commercial character? Your choices depend on the kind of business you are interested in managing and the location you as a realtor are interested in. Consider the terms of the lease that is being offered and whether or not you desire to proportion a part of your profits with your landlord along with your base rent. Keep in mind that business park rents are less costly than retail similarities. Industrial parks often consist of unfinished spaces but they can be converted and customized to fit your needs in addition as be renovated to an upscale site that can adjust to office space. Check out the zoning and ordinances that apply for the kind of tenant you will rent to or what restrictions you will be unprotected to.

The types of Commercial similarities to choose from are;

dispensing and Industrial similarities

  • Warehouses which can be leased, sub-leased, rented or purchased.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Refrigerated climate controlled warehouse space which has to be bonded.
  • Shipping containers.
  • Supply chain management infrastructure locations.
  • Factories, mills, industrial manufacturing plants.
  • Logistics locations managed by third-party companies.
  • dispensing facilities, trucking terminals, and rail freight warehousing.
  • Bulk transport sites.
  • Airport cargo sites and airports.
  • Water port commerce.
  • Rail yards.
  • Cold storage and dry storage facilities, garages.

Office similarities

  • Executive office space, upscale office parks that include corporate headquarters.
  • Free-standing offices, office warehouse.
  • Executive suites, flexible space, rental office space, and bank branches.

Retail similarities

  • Shopping centers and shopping malls, strip malls, outlet malls.
  • Showrooms, franchise locations, free-standing shops and stores.
  • Showroom space, retail sites, pads, strip mall sites, and chain store sites.

High Tech similarities

  • Research and development parks
  • Call centers
  • Scientific building projects.
  • Medical laboratories and Research & Development Parks.
  • Rehabilitation facilities

Land Brokerage

  • Corporate headquarters locations.
  • Industrial parks and regional mall sites.
  • Zoned land parcels, speculative acres, and land tracts.
  • Resort character, residential development tracts, waterfront character, and business parks.

Investment character

  • Office buildings and business parks.
  • Land parcels, shopping centers, rental similarities, and industrial rental similarities.
  • Development sites, net leased similarities, and residential developments.

Hotel land Resort similarities

  • Hotels, motels, convention centers, golf courses, and theme park sites.
  • Resort lodging and hospitality similarities, motel and hotel brokers, luxury resorts, stadiums, vacation and regional attractions.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

  • Commercial mortgage brokers, commercial mortgages.
  • Apartment loan, commercial loan, commercial loans, commercial lenders.
  • Commercial real estate financing, hotel loans, office building commercial loans, warehouse mortgages, commercial mortgage rates.

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