What Can FatCow Hosting Do for You?

What Can FatCow Hosting Do for You?


You may first ask yourself what is a FatCow? And what can a FatCow do for me? FatCow is simply a web hosting company that offers an internet service which is called web hosting. This service is presented to those who need to have their websites hosted on the internet to be accessed by a large number of visitors. This FatCow was born in 1998 which makes it experienced in the field of web hosting for those who look for a web hosting provider to have their websites hosted. It is advantageous and basic for individuals and small business owners. It is ranked as the best small business great number.

FatCow offers two plans for its customers; one of them is called the original and complete plan while the other one is called MiniMoo plan. MiniMoo plan is presented for customers who only need a domain name and one email account to start their work. The plan features email forwarding, a control panel that can be customized, building tools to build your own page, email forwarding and email auto responders. The plan is advantageous for beginners or those who need to get a placeholder page for hosting their multiple domains.

FatCow provides its users who choose the original and complete plan with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pop mailboxes for storing a large number of email messages that you need, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts and unlimited domains hosted. You will also get free domain name, free domain move, free website builder, free shopping cart, free script barn, SSL obtain server, unlimited sub-users and FTP users, ShopSite online store, a control panel that can be customized to suit you, site building tools for building your website on your own easily and quickly without the need to have a technical or coding knowledge and back up sets for keeping your data on your website safe and for protecting them from being lost.

There are multiple bonuses that are presented by FatCow to its customers. After signing up you can get, $100 AdWords offer when you advertise your website on Googles advertising network, $25 search marketing credit when you start advertising your website and business on Yahoo and Bing, $50 advertising credit when you create an ad on Facebook, content management systems such as Joomla, blogging tools such as WordPress which is the most popular blogging platform and can be installed easily and quickly, free business listing on Yellow Pages.com and toll free phone number.

FatCow is reliable and guaranteed as you have a 30 day money back guarantee to make sure that the web hosting provider is advantageous for you and that you are satisfied by getting all what you need. You will be provided with the best 24/7 customer service that is necessary for getting all of your questions answered and all of your problems solved at any time throughout the day. It is worth mentioning that FatCow is a green web hosting company that is completely powered by wind energy to keep the ecosystem clean.

Finally, if you are a small business owner and want to get your website hosted on the internet by a reliable and friendly web great number, then it will be FatCow. The price is affordable as you can get all of the past sets, tools and applications for just $49 per year which is about $4 per month.

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