What Does Your Email Address Communicate?

Did you know that your email address can affect your business reputation, can help build business relationships and have an effect on your business? Think about the email addresses you see coming into your Inbox. Do you have a different impression of a new contact if their email address is @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com or @gmail.com? I know I do. I look twice. Sometimes I delete the email as spam. I also surprise if they really have a business.

When you own a business you need to have a web presence. It gives you credibility. It’s your online brochure. You can already get business directly from your website. At this point most of us know that we have to have a website. however, I receive business cards weekly from people that have a website address listed on their business card AND nevertheless have their local provider email or free email account. If you own a domain that is part of your business, add an email account and gain credibility.

There are several good reasons to have an email account from your domain:

1. Your specialized email can clarify who you are and your business.

2. It gives people a domain to look at for more information about you already if you haven’t given them the web address.

3. Your specialized email builds your reputation and legitimacy. When an email comes in from a generic free email provider it is unclear if your business is genuine.

4. Your email address advertises your website. When you see my email address, you know that I also have a website at that address. already if you don’t know me you can check my website and choose to do business with me as a consequence.

5. Credibility = trustworthiness; integrity; sincerity; reliability. Aren’t these the types of qualities that your company represents? That free email could be dwindling each of these qualities in the eyes of the beholder.

Building a simple, specialized web page is achievable with site builder tools, templates and easy to use software programs. Setting up your specialized email address is a simple 1, 2, 3 course of action. First, buy a domain if you don’t already have one. Second, set up a hosting account. Third, set up your new email account with your domain.

Most hosting companies offer a web mail version where you can check your email online or you can set up your email program such as Outlook to receive the email.

Remember, to always add a identifying characteristics to your emails that includes your contact information, another credibility characterize of email. It’s something that people look at to again, determine if the email is authentic or not. When a business owner is emailing me and wanting me to take some kind of action in response to their email, if there is no indication of who they are and their contact info, then my action is “delete”.

Each detail of your business affects your credibility. Look at all the details as you build your business.

Donna Price is a Success Coach, author of “Launching Your Dream” and “Bizology.Biz – The Science of Business Success”. As a Success Coach, Donna works with individuals and groups on personal development and success focus.

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