What Is The Role of NEEM Agents in India?

Any trust or company registered under section 8 of company act can be the agents for NEEM scheme. NEEM Agents shall be in the business of training for at the minimum five years. They shall submit an affidavit in the performa appended to the Regulations stating that the information submitted by it in the application form is correct. If the Registration and Approval of NEEM agent is revoked or withdrawn, the concerned NEEM agent shall not be eligible to apply for fresh registration for a period of at the minimum 2 years. They shall file monthly report in the format as prescribed by AICTE now and then.

The NEEM Agent shall have to register with AICTE for being approved as NEEM Facilitator. They shall have turnover and capacity to place students and to give their stipend.. Industry shall pay the trainee a stipend which is not less than the minimum wages for unskilled labor.

If any member of the agent have criminal investigation then they shall not be eligible to apply and seek registration and approval as NEEM Agent. Companies from any industry with a proven experts in the field of manufacturing and / or sets and is desirous of providing on the job training can be the Agent. These agents structured to conquer the current challenges of the Apprenticeship Act.

These Agents contribute to workforce productivity, socioeconomic development and social harmony by academic, research, training and extension programs. They offer basic, vocational, technical and specialized training to the trainees. They fortify the educational systems in ITIs, and Polytechnics They sustain job placement and promote career progression. The agents collaborate with Governments industry, and academic institutions in India.

These Agents develop skill according to the company requirements. These Agents play an important role to fulfil the gap between students and the company. They ease students’ efforts to cope up with new industrial culture.

There is a proposal to appoint 2 lacs apprentices every year for the next 10 years. it will be the world’s largest apprenticeship program. The Agent should comply with health, safety and welfare of the trainees. Industries can shape trainees as per their present and future requirements. They can provide employability training to individuals between the age group of 18 to 35 years. NEEM agent creates awareness among trainees on safety measures, so the possibility of accidents is less. They can ease enhanced wage employment for the informal sector.

NEEM Agent will formulate a ‘Training Programme” for the training of NEEM Trainee and shall make appropriate arrangements for easing the same. For breach of contract by them. They shall pay compensation to the trainees in accordance with the Minimum Wages stated.

At the end of the training period, the employer will have the first right to hire the candidate. It shall not be obligatory to the NEEM Agent to offer any employment to the apprentices on successful completion of period of training. These agents are required to enhance employability in the youths.

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