What to Do If You Are A Drunk Driving Victim


A drunken means wreck is an obvious incident of negligence on the part of the driver under the influence. If you are the victim of a drunken driving wreck in Texas, you are able to receive compensation for your losses due to the accident. Your personal injury attorney will assist you by your case and will serve as your defender in assisting you acquire your losses after a drunken driving car accident. The state of Texas has strict laws to deal with DUI/DWI situations, and your personal injury attorney can make sure that your fury towards the careless driver is translated into a proper case of law.

If you have been hurt in a DUI/DWI wreck, or your means was wrecked due to the negligent driving of the wreck-less driver, you are entitled to get money for your troubles, and the drunk driver is entitled to punitive action because of negligent driving. Let your personal injury lawyer aid you in receiving your justice. You have to remember to get in touch with a competent means accident lawyer as fast as you can after the wreck, so that you can be led properly by the court processes to receive your losses.

Sticking to these guidelines after a wreck will help you to be sure that you receive your losses for the damages brought about by the accident. First, you must establish that you are the wronged of the accident and not the drunk driver yourself. Because of this, you should cooperate with the officials to take the breath analyzer test and you have to acquire a copy of the police report after the wreck. Needless to say, you need to tell the cops or the Texas highway road patrol soon after the wreck. It is a great idea to quickly call 911, so that the police arrive fast at the crash scene. Meanwhile, you should also try to find witnesses and evidence to prove that the other driver was drunk during the accident. If you don’t have a digital camera on hand, use your cellular camera and video recorder to gather proof. If there are witnesses at the accident scene, then you should record interviews with your video recorder, as these can be vital evidence to build your case in a court of law. You should keep calm and not include in a fight with the other driver, as that can decline your chances to a rightful claim. The best step is to consult your car wreck lawyer, and let him or her be your representative to see that justice is served to you.

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