Who Is Harvey Dent?

Two confront is a fictional comic book character who appears in comics produced by DC comics. The character was produced by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and is a super villain to the Character Batman. Two confront first made his comic book debut in the detective comics issue 66.

Two confront was once the district attorney of Gotham city known as Harvey dent and was an ally of batman; however he soon goes mad and often tries to kill the dark knight. In various different versions of the characters history the character is often burnt or scared by acid being thrown over half of his confront. In the most recent telling of the character two confront half of his confront was burnt when a warehouse exploded which killed his girlfriend Rachel Dawes. Two confront blamed batman for this because he didnt save Rachel and saved Harvey Dent.

Two confront suffers from different disorders depending on which version of the character you are reading about, in some instances he has bipolar while in others he has a divided personality disorder. Most of two faces decisions are made by flipping a coin, which be make up of consistently one side having a confront on scratched with an X across it.

The modern version of this character was a personal friend of James Gordon and Batman. This character is one of my favourite comic book villains because he has so many complexities behind him especially in the modern day version. The character simply wants to make Gotham a better place and is already willing to sacrifice himself to catch the criminals, however when the love of his life is killed his world is tipped upside down and a new personality is produced. Harvey and Two confront regularly clash between right and wrong and the duality of both characters is often decided over a flip of a coin.

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