Wholeness – Most Important Thing Ever!

Wholeness – Most Important Thing Ever!

What is wholeness? Being in a state of wholeness method completely free of wound or injury with nothing missing and everything complete, perfect, unbroken, and uncut; perfectly healthy and free of any defect, deformity, mistake or impairment having all its proper parts and elements. Another way to describe wholeness is being in a state of undivided oneness or total unity. When someone says one is extremely happy or fulfilled, one could also average complete and whole or “I am enjoying a state of wholeness.” Imagine a love so complete, a state of consciousness so complete of joy, a lasting pleasure so native to one’s soul; what grander thing is there than wholeness? If God were not whole, God would not be God. Synonyms for wholeness are completion, entirety, fulfillment, haleness, healthiness, integrity, oneness, perfection, totality, and unity. Whole method all, content, intact, perfect, restored, satisfied, total, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, unhurt, and unmodified.

There is nothing more urgent and more important than for everyone in the world to find wholeness, because life should be far more than just a battle for survival. Lasting love and inner joy seem to be the only things that would justify all the tremendous hardships and pains that everyone seems to have to go by. One could say that all the pains, injustices, and other sufferings of the world are because of a without of wholeness. In contrast is the yogi who sits quietly in breathless samadhi. Why can’t we all be doing this? What can be done to make profound inner satisfaction obtainable to everyone?

The quest for wholeness is what drives and motivates everyone. People try to find wholeness either by drugs, in their partners, religion, work, or by some kind of as a hobby activity. It is a never-ending current course of action. Life never seems to find it, however it is clearly the end all and be all of existence. Some of the ways people try to find it are really terrible, while others are not very effective or just permanent. My goal is to create an effective way to a long-lasting state of fulfillment, wisdom, spiritual freedom and happiness, which, of course is wholeness.

Life is always strive for peace, for joy, wisdom, and for at the minimum some kind of satisfaction or sense of accomplishment. Without that sense of happiness, one could suffer from a terrible restlessness or impoverishment of purpose. When searching for God, love or any kind of nourishment, one is either consciously or unconsciously strive to find wholeness which consists of the ultimate fulfillment or highest satisfaction. I believe the ultimate purpose of life is to enjoy the wholeness of being in its fullest expression, spirit, surprise and glory possible. My purpose is to try to guide you closer to the ultimate everlasting fulfillment that I feel we all desperately need so much!

Wholeness is real inner joy, a lasting love so profound, so wonderful that miracles happen every day as a consequence of it. Wholeness is joy, love, wealth, rejuvenation, spirituality, and fulfillment; wholeness is endless bliss, complete happiness, wisdom, inner beauty, security and abundant health. Wholeness method living a beautiful life in a paradise of lasting joy, pleasure and ecstasy that is freely obtainable for everyone. Restoring natural beauty, improving the quality of life, finding true, long-lasting freedom and all-fulfilling love is what wholeness is all about. An abundant life of joy, happiness and love is God’s will for you, God never intended otherwise. However, in order for God’s will to be done, you must do God’s will, which is to closely follow and live by the universal laws of life, love and service to others.

There could not possibly be anything more important than wholeness. Because life on earth is seemingly filled with so many imperfections, struggles and experiencing, the pathways to wholeness (the ultimate natural high) are desperately needed. thin-minded materialistic values of lust, desire and greed prevent real emancipation of the spirit. Spiritual solutions of love, wisdom, spiritual marriage, conservation of sensual energy, emotional and sexual transmutation, compassion, etc. need to come first! Immense spiritual possible lies inside all conscious beings. All the world’s pain is caused by lust, attachments, fears and all other desires resulting in a profound sense of separation from God and an “iron curtain” between the physical and spiritual worlds. I am trying to discover and proportion with you desperately needed ways to bridge all these gaps and separations into an undivided unity or wholeness. My intention is ultimate soul freedom and connection with the spiritual realms and God(dess).

The mechanical, materialistic way of separate, secluded ego and sense oriented competitive living must give way to a far more beautiful, more fluid, spiritual, sexually transmuted, transcendental, multidimensional, and holistic way of life that’s fully and dynamically connected to its vital source: character and God. The old materialistic concepts of mortality, dogmatic fundamentalist religion, separation from God, sin and loneliness are invalid and must provide to a far more beautiful, dynamic and glorious reality of the ever loving Oneness (God) that is the inner Source of all things in the unified universe.

Unless enough people follow the principles of wholeness, civilization as we know it could soon come to an end. For the assistance of all, it is vital that the reality and proof of the existence of higher planes of consciousness (Spirit) and all the sublime, liberating values of this great reality be fully appreciated throughout the world. A universal without of wisdom, addiction, greed and blind sensuality (instead of love and fondness) is causing unsustainable population growth, consumption and materialism. Many delicate ecological systems and climates are being changed, already destroyed by people working against character instead of working in harmony with character. The planet seems to be dying: great numbers of vital plant and animal species are being wiped out. Great wars over diminishing resources may soon devastate huge areas of the planet. In the name of peace, harmony and wisdom, such madness is so ridiculous and so unnecessary!

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves improving and steal…” (Matthew 6:19)

If only humankind would make the spiritual treasures of wholeness everyone’s main objective instead of perishable materialistic wealth then there would always be enough for everyone and what a better world this would be. Searching outside one’s self for happiness is similar to forgetting that within one’s self there is a 100% obtain reservoir of an unlimited spiritual supply of wealth. Instead people are overwhelmed by stress in pursuit of external objects “where moth and rust doth corrupt” sometimes already risking death or harsh injury. If any “spoils” are found, they can then only be stored in a place “where thieves improving and steal…” Have faith in the true self, Spirit, God, etc, never in external, material perishables.

What goes on in one’s life is a mirror of the state of one’s mind; in other words, a life of poverty or abundance is a reflection of what is happening within one’s mind and spirit. Life is nothing more than a reflection of one’s state of being which is what really matters. Consciousness is the ultimate foundation of all existence, and in any case outlook exists within one’s consciousness determines the kind of existence that comes forth. That is why it is always vital to elevate one’s moods into higher vibrations of love and selfless service, inspirational wisdom, purity of thought, and dedication to spiritual truths and ideals.

Wealth and relationships outside one’s self (in the world) is illusionary and ever changing. Death could come any time and if not sooner then later… as our bodies ultimately age and fall apart. Nothing attained, found, or looted on Earth can ever be taken to the other side except one’s values, character, outlook and the effects of one’s actions. Only life-long habits such as loving one another in selfless service, correct eating, transmutation of sensuality into sincere love and fondness, and meditation on God(dess), the reality of Spirit, or one’s highest aspiration can rule one back to this inner reservoir of everlasting, infinite value, perfect happiness and inner joy of wholeness. On the whole, it also makes no sense whatsoever for nations, religions, companies, individuals, etc. to harm or go against one another; every single person in this complete world desperately needs to work with one another in love and harmony for the highest good!

“A new commandment I give to you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” (John 13:34)

Jesus meant we are to love one another in spite of of what religion, in spite of of what race, in spite of of what nation, what species, what planet, or in any case! knowing the difference between what is truly spiritual and what is a waste of time is vital. Waste no more time with material wealth and worldly ambitions! Gain spiritual wealth which is long-lasting and can deliver billions of times more love, security and happiness!

The deepest mysteries of life need to be explored. There are indeed many astonishing answers to be found. The infinite complexities and dimensions of character can never fit inside the box of traditional religion and materialistic science.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) The Truth is Wholeness!

There are hidden treasures that lie within yourself where no thieves could steal nor rust corrupt. I will try to show you your natural keys to wholeness which unlock the most fulfilling and uplifting way of life one can imagine. The kingdom of heaven lies within you.

Jesus said: “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation [through the senses]: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (St. Luke 17:20 & 17:21)

Only within one’s self can the great kingdom of God be found with the keys of meditation, love, correct eating, transmutation, and absorption of subtle life-force energy. The method of ascension into wholeness come from within one’s self, and this is the way it has always been. Wholeness is your inner birthright!

There are vital keys of wisdom and knowledge based on sound principles both ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific, with the possible to rule one to everlasting joy, wealth, freedom, ecstasy, beauty and love all from within one’s self. The greatest truths behind all religions were originally meant to guide humanity toward the same one and only transcendental unitiy of glorious, all fulfilling, long-lasting happiness and love. Contrary to God’s original intention or purpose, nearly every organized religion has historically opposed your very own natural spirituality which is utterly tragic and ironic. God is universal love, not a religious belief!

Step outside the box of traditional science and religion to expand your awareness of just how strange and mysterious universal existence really is. No materialistic or religious dogma or any other mental conception can ever contain the whole truth of all that is. consequently, I encourage everyone to put aside all prejudices, bigotry, etc. and to replace all materialistic, religious and so called scientific skepticism with the spirit of universal love, wisdom, appreciation and compassionate open-minded investigation of a universe so utterly complicate and infinitely great, that no belief system, no matter how complex can ever fully include the infinity of God’s ineffable Kingdom of character.

The real answers to life’s mysteries and greatest problems naturally exist outside the restrictions of traditional thinking, and one must venture far outside the familiar boundaries of shared religion. The true meaning of wholeness is a love, wisdom, and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.

A secret to happiness and peace-of-mind is to regularly feel that there is a universal Higher strength working for you (be it God, Goddess, Zero Point Energy, Orgone Energy, Prana, Shakti, Universal rule, the Christ, Holy Spirit, Infinite Father, Krishna, Babaji, Allah, etc.), providing everything you need. At the same time, love this wonderful Higher strength with all your heart and strength, and replace all the negative thoughts within the mind with the healing elements of “heaven.” closest and permanently do the same with one’s diet: replace all unnatural, unhealthy food (bad elements) with positive, uplifting, natural, healthy food. To unprotected to wholeness naturally is the wisest and most noble thing to do. Wholeness is the highest good and the foundation for spiritual freedom and great wisdom. There is nothing more basic, exciting, vital and fulfilling than to be awakened to the all-pervading transcendental (spiritual) unity of wholeness. Regain your lost keys to the real and lasting happiness which is locked thorough within yourself and is your absolute birthright. Live in 100% harmony with the truth and you become one of the wisest, most benevolent, most loved and loving people who ever lived.

The more ignorance there is of truth, the more ignorance there is of and separation from one’s spirituality, and the more lies, deception, greed and lust one indulges in, the more pain, chaos, destruction and confusion one attracts into one’s life. Whenever one “programs” one’s life with evil actions, only evil effects can come out of it. Such virtues as honesty, purity, and generosity are far more valuable than anything “attained” by dishonesty, lust and greed, because what one puts out is what one gets back.

There is an inner possible of everlasting happiness, eternal inspiration, adventure, love, romance, ecstasy, bliss, glory, fulfillment, wealth, abundance, success, perfect health, paradise, wisdom, and heaven within all conscious beings. by correct living, eating, along with a pure, unselfish attitude and lifestyle, one can start to become aware of this great and wonderful paradise within. Everything in this great, holographic universe is subtly and considerably interconnected by a universal Oneness or Wholeness or God(dess) which is the ultimate vital essence of all living beings. It is very sad that the traditional materialistic ways of life and thinking, junk food diets, drug abuse, disturbing thoughts/emotions, ego, greed, lust, and physical senses dramatically interrupt this most vital essence of perfect, everlasting goodness, innate wisdom, spirituality, natural bliss, or wholeness. Society is in dire need of wisdom-guided moral values and spiritual inspiration.

It is basic to carefully examine already the most far-fetched ideas and break outside the rut of traditional, materialistic, profit-hungry mainstream science. It is basic to go back to the wisdom of character in every way possible by biomimicry, biodiversity, local organic farming, cultivating and using healing herbs instead of deadly pharmaceuticals, curing all diseases with natural, holistic methods of raw food, herbs, supplements, antioxidants, etc., going vegetarian and on raw food as much as possible, meditating on spirituality instead of sensuality, creating cities that blend well with the beauty of the scenery instead of consuming space that should otherwise be filled with magnificent gardens and forests. Recreate towns that are complete (whole) in themselves so there is never a need to commute to work, excursion to the shops, or import goods great distances. Generate electricity thoroughly from wind, solar, hydrogen, and already zero point energy. Base life on beautiful moral values and spiritual ideals instead of that senseless, thick-skinned, never-ending greed for profit and lust for strength to the unhealthy of all life.

character’s wisdom is and always will be the greatest teacher and her ways should always be learned from as much as possible! To have abandoned her ways of wisdom and spirituality like man has done has been the most serious mistake ever committed and perhaps the greatest sin. Now the whole biosphere is in dire consequences as a consequence. Society desperately needs much more holistic thinking, wisdom, and discovery beyond the traditional boundaries of science, medicine, and religion, requiring not only an open mind and the ability to manager tentative data, but also the diligence, determination, wisdom, spirituality and discrimination to find out what really is true and what is just a hoax or self-deception.

Quantum physicists and all the great masters of meditation have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is one Awareness regularly actualizing (creating) the universe that is being observed, meaning that the aware observer and what is being observed are truly opposite (reciprocal) sides of the same coin! According the book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart actual scientific experiments have proven that the mind can to a certain extent influence matter at its quantum level. Mind (which descends from consciousness) according to in any case belief system it has adopted, is regularly evolving and manifesting specific events (creations) from an infinite field of all possibilities (a fifth size). Consciousness (pure being or the great “I Am that I Am”) may seem to be but is not limited to the brain and physical senses alone. The origin of mind and consciousness may seem for all functional purposes to come from the brain (as it is taught by traditional physiologists), but its ultimate origin seems to be in the vicinity of quantum physics’ “zero point energy field.” How do I know this? Because too many events of a paranormal character such as out-of-body experiences (where the viewer observes actual events miles away) regularly go on that cannot be explained by the “brain only” theory of consciousness. Old ideas of consciousness need to give way to new ones. It may be that the actual roots of one’s soul is found in the higher (5th, 6th and 7th) dimensions beyond all time and space and is an basic and deeply encased foundation of universal existence. Consciousness is so basic to existence, that without it, there can be no existence!

Only the physical life is dependent on the physical brain, the physical eyes and other physical senses, however the spiritual or universal observer (one’s real self or soul) is perceiving by a universal multidimensional matrix (hologram) of the mind itself and in any case thoughts and feelings influence that universal mind is most definitely going to effect the way the universe around it is being observed (produced) or experienced. Mind creates what is observed, while Awareness (God) is what creates the mind. An experience of cosmic consciousness happens when the limited ego, desires, mind, breath and senses shut down causing one’s individual soul to merge into its greater Self, true character or reality of existence. Such an experience is that of great wisdom, wholeness or overwhelming love, spirituality, peace and fulfillment. By continuously releasing (renouncing) each and every emotion, desire, and/or inclination, one little by little becomes freer and freer to live in and enjoy such profound states of wholeness or happiness, profound knowledge, and well-being as cosmic consciousness.

It is a lie that one must look outside one’s self to satisfy desires. The joy that most people search for externally is right where one is. Too many of us are like empty shells trying to decorate, color and patch the “outside” selves while completely ignoring the vital truths and reality of the inner soul or spirit. Materialism is the lifestyle based on the lie that one must find happiness outside one’s self by physical achievements, making money, social position, in this or that person, etc. The ever-growing complexity, pressures and speed of society has contributed to so much stress. Having too many choices, too much stimulation and information overload can also excursion one crazy. One can truly only concentrate on one thing at a time, but the high speed of modern day living often demands multitasking while causing an overflow of unfulfilled frustrations.

For every desire one tries to fulfill, many more come up, and it is all too easy to feel there is so much lacking in this world and not enough good things to go around. No surprise there is so much frustration and anger! It is a major and shared misconception that everyone is here to find happiness by the fulfillment of desires of which endless searching, and endless experiencing can be the only actual consequence. It is impossible to find long-lasting satisfaction in this highly inefficient way as long as desires and fears are there to keep one in an unpleasant state of being. The main purpose of desire (not intention) especially sexual desire is to keep the individual separate from God so that the “centrifugal” course of action of evolution of the species can continue resulting in endless rebirths, experiencing and continued restlessness.

However, internally remove (renounce or transmute) all desires (including sensual), fears and attachments, only ever-increasing levels of peace, happiness, spirituality, and fulfillment can keep. One’s sense of frustration and separation from God (pure Being) is replaced by a beautiful, glowing ecstasy, and a sense of unconditional love and calmness. I know this fact for sure, because I am experiencing it! Unlimited happiness with no sorrow is our very basic character, the real natural state of wisdom before being encumbered by the desires and fears of the senses and ego (illusion of separation from God).

Desires (attachments), lusts, and fears (aversions) not only frustrate or block vital spiritual energy, they also have a powerful unbalancing effect on the mind, making it nearly impossible to feel whole as long as they exist. To free one’s self completely from all desires, lusts, and fears and then to become fully balanced and centered in wholeness is the meaningful. Desires (fears) work by the mind to create barriers and limitations of all sorts. The individual already has unlimited strength and spirituality, but that strength is usually being wasted away (diluted) in all sorts of conflicting thoughts, worries, fears, attachments, addictions and sexual desires.

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…” (Proverbs 23:7)

Depending on the individual concerned, what one eats can also be a huge factor in this equation, because the quality of one’s diet can affect one’s emotions tremendously. There are certain vital nutrients one needs to enjoy the deepest possible states of wellness and profound inner peace which in turn can be used to manifest a much more fulfilling life. I average the healthiest diet imaginable with all the adaptogenic herbs, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and antioxidants that could possibly be of assistance. I leave nothing out, no stone is left unturned.

Are you already forming your life according to your overall state of mind? Because the individual is the observer, being the reciprocal of what is observed, the individual is creating all the time whether he or she knows it or not everything one observes (experiences). The individual is often creating (demonstrating) both desirable and undesirable effects exactly according to one’s state of mind and level of wisdom. Hence, it is vital to aim one’s mind to drop all its desires and fears (which create separation, limitation and attract negative experiences) so that one can live in harmonic oneness and experience ever deeper and deeper states of inner peace, spirituality and wisdom while attracting into one’s life only those things that are beautiful and positive.

“According to your faith be it unto you.” (St. Matthew 9:29)

On a certain website, one can truly listen to a very long recording of St. Matthew speaking by the direct voice medium Leslie Flint about this very subject, in addition as how difficult it is to describe the after death state, and how the human spirit in today’s world is bogged down by materialism and dogmatic beliefs. St. Matthew says, “Man is no more than what he thinks.” and, “You will loose self and then find your true Self.” and, “The world is an illusion that man has produced.” Whether you believe it’s truly St. Matthew or not, is irrelevant right now: in spite of of who’s saying it, it all completely and absolutely illustrates the kind of free-thinking, knowledge and spiritual wisdom of wholeness! St. Matthew knows “The Secret” and so will you.

The universe is so perfect that if one sees any imperfection in it, it must average that one’s way of seeing (observing) it is also imperfect. “…with what measure ye mete, It shall be measured unto you again.” (St. Matthew 7:2) Perfect your mind, and you will perfect your life!

Another great soul who manifested by the ectoplasm of Leslie Flint was Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Indian poet and philosopher written about by Paramhansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi. Knowing fully well that all people everywhere are the product of their own thinking, he mentions we all have the ability to change our physical circumstances with the help of thought. He said: “We are the product of all our creative thought no more and no less… All depends on the individual thought course of action… Think only pure thoughts and your whole life will be transformed.” He also tries to give an amazing description of the high plane of existence he lives on. Everything there gives one a feeling of perfect life, love and beauty.

in any case way to wholeness works best for you is your way. Achieving wholeness is a very complicate, life long spiritual course of action, and it is regarding this course of action I feel a need to proportion with you all the different ways I have discovered to be helpful so far. It is very important to remove all one’s negative feelings, fears and desires. What we feel can have an awesome quantum effect on one’s life, health, relationships and degree of success.

My knowledge will change and evolve as I get closer and closer to the actual elements of how best to find wholeness or perfect joy with no limit and no end. For without of better words, this would have to average finding union with God (Goddess) or one’s True Self which is, as best as I know, the very basis of spirituality. All the separate sparks of consciousness within all life forms are flows and rivers of light trying to flow back to the one ocean of pure spirit, wisdom, and love.

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