Why Windows VPS Hosting?


Every expanding e-business reaches a point where it outgrows the confining limits of shared hosting. While shared hosting is good enough for establishing your web presence and letting the world know that you exist, it is nowhere near enough to help your business make the kind of money you desire. For this, you have to opt for more powerful hosting solutions.

When it comes to powerful hosting solutions, companies have two choices. Those that enjoy the luxury of unlimited resources can go for the cream – dedicated hosting, where the website enjoys the dedicated attention of a single physical server. This ensures high security, excellent sets, speed and near-continuous uptime. However, this comes at a cost. Many small to medium companies may find the cost of hiring dedicated servers prohibitive. In that case, there is no need to give up in despair. VPS servers have been devised just for this purpose.

VPS hosting makes use of a technology that divides one physical server into a number of virtual servers. Each subscriber housed in each of the virtual servers enjoys the security and sets offered by a dedicated server. For all functional purposes, individual subscribers will not know that they are sharing the physical server with others. This is because each VPS server has its own booting applications and software. They continue their own web servers, mail servers and security systems.

Windows 2008 VPS hosting has become a much more reliable and powerful platform because of its all new Hyper-V technology. Windows 2007 could not realistically compete with the other technologies that were offered by competing systems. However, with the arrival Windows VPS hosting servers hosted on Hyper-V, customers can expect a meaningful performance raise and a much better hosting experience.

Windows VPS hosting has a number of important advantages. The more meaningful of these advantages are for the administrator. The familiar Windows interface is warm, inviting and quite reassuring, particularly when you are new to the complete course of action. Using this interface, set up becomes a cakewalk. Since Windows interface is familiar, many new users find it easy to adapt to the Windows VPS hosting ecosystem.

Windows VPS hosting can now boast of improved security. So, companies that run popular websites or require complicate applications and customized software can enjoy them easily.

The only disadvantage of Windows VPS hosting is the important amount of web resources it demands from the server. However, already this disadvantage is being conquer with the current version of Windows 2008 obtain chief Technology. It also pays to keep in mind that Windows VPS hosting sets are generally costlier than Linux VPS hosting. The main reason for this difference is license cost. Linux is open source and requires no license, but Microsoft makes it mandatory for users to buy a Windows License when they opt for the strong Windows VPS hosting sets.

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