You’re The Boss – Penn Gillette’s Approach To Customer Service

You’re The Boss – Penn Gillette’s Approach To Customer Service

I went to see Penn & Teller ply their magical wackiness at the “Rio All-Suites Hotel And Casino” on Saturday night. It was a good show complete of deft slight of hand, fire, handguns, green screens and patter.

But what impressed me most wasn’t the show itself, but the attitude of the performers after the show.

You see, right at the end (after Penn & Teller shoot each other at close range with big honking revolvers) they go dashing off down the aisle and out into the lobby.

And as you exit the show, you see each of them standing there smiling and downright eager to sign autographs and take pictures.

Two things hit me:

1. When he’s not on stage, Teller talks and it’s not a big deal in already the slightest.

2. Penn (who is absolutely huge) calls everyone “Boss.”

My friend Lisa was at the show with me and had this little exchange with the big man:

Penn: “Hey Boss”

Lisa: “Am I really your boss?”

Penn: “Well, truly yes, in a very real sense, don’t you think?”

And then we took our shot (in which I look like a goofball) and went on our way.

But it hit me as uncommon that this multi-millionaire giant of comedy and magic nevertheless kept himself humble and nice and truly seemed to believe that the people who pay for the seats are the ones he’s accountable to.

And that most business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs could learn a heck of a lot from this “giant” of magic and comedy.

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